New / re-letting Homes is Harder

One of the ways that we measure our success is by how quickly we can take a home from a family who has ended their tenancy with us, to a new family in need of a home. It's called our "void turnaround" and we try to make that as quick as possible.

The current Covid-19 / Coronavirus outbreak has had a knock on effect to the speed that we're able to make homes available again. It's not just the social distancing; people can't just pop in with the keys, sign the forms and toddle off, it's other organisations taking absolutely sensible measures to make sure their services work.

British Gas, for example, are only attending to emergencies, so we can't get Gas Safety Certificates, utilities changed over, sometimes we need gas uncapping... and so on. When they can't come we can't let our homes.

That's just one example of how moves that we completely support, to keep national infrastructure going, have unintended consequences.

Please do bear with us.

We are working with our customers, our suppliers, our partners, and our communities to get everything moving as quickly as possible in these difficult times.

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