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Money Advisor's Millions

Our money advisors have made our customers £2.5 million pounds better off by making sure that people claim all the support they are entitled to. Beverley Hiden and Naomi Inman help Rooftop residents with accessing Benefits, pensions, disability support, dealing with outstanding debts and help with managing budgets better.

A couple from St Oswald Village in Gloucester have had to deal with a sad diagnosis of Dementia, so Naomi helped them make an application for Attendance Allowance. This was successful and brought in £87.65 per week. By being entitled to Attendance Allowance this increased the Housing Benefit they are entitled to, raising it from £84.57 a week to a whopping £170.18 per week, overall giving a weekly benefit increase of £173.26. The next step will be to fill in a Pension Credit Application, so because of Rooftop’s money advice service, they could get even more money.

Beverley has been supporting a tenant who has been dealing with long term hospitalisation and has fallen into debt. The lady was receiving reduced Housing Benefit because of having spare bedrooms so she was helped with a claim for discretionary housing payments to reduce rent arrears. Bev also applied to the Severn Trent Trust Fund which successfully paid off water rent arrears and a credit card debt.

Naomi has managed to help a man with Council Tax debt of £728.53. By communicating with the authority and providing evidence of the gentleman’s vulnerable situation the debt has been reduced by 85% to £109.28. This is now being paid directly out of his Benefits.

Beverly has also supported an elderly tenant to be £230 per week better off. He has been surviving on a state retirement pension of only £120 per week and some living costs were coming out of savings that are quickly disappearing. Our customer was getting really worried that he wouldn’t be able to continue paying his rent. Attendance Allowance was applied for and as this was successful it results in eligibility for Pension Credit and Housing Benefit, leading to the extra income of £230 per week in total.

If you think you could benefit from help from our Money Advisors visit https://www.rooftopgroup.org/money-advice

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