Mindfulness Now - Raisin Meditation

A message from Kim Skipsey - Team Leader, Health and Well-being and Mindfulness Practitioner and teacher. "Following on from last week, this weeks session with be non-formal meditation. 

The informal mindfulness practice can be diverse. Designed to be practised during the daily events of our lives, it is about bringing our kind and gentle awareness to the full range of our experience. In this way we switch from “doing” to the “being” mode Interlacing mindful awareness into our everyday lives means to pause for a moment and to notice what is happening within us and around us. It is simple and ordinary.

We observe our most immediate experience such as our breathing, thoughts, feeling, bodily sensations and our environment.


The mindful awareness activity such as eating a raisin teaches us about doing something mindfully which we would normally do in automatic pilot mode. After this exercise perhaps consider how by not being mindful in your life you might be missing so much ‘living’.


So for the next week or so,  try to eat at least one meal mindfully, slowing the eating down so that you really notice what you are eating. Not talking or engaging in any other activity such as watching television while eating will help.


Good luck and let me know how you got on." If you'd like to get in touch email podcast@rooftopgroup.org and to find out more about any service changes please look at our Covid-19 updates page

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