Damaged Fence, who’s responsibility is it?

When a storm blows through it leaves a lot of damage in its wake and fallen fences are not an uncommon site, but what if it is your fence that has come down and you rent a property. With a fence down, or damaged, privacy and security are your immediate issue, but is it the responsibility of you or your landlord to put things right?

With fences this can be a little confusing but in your tenancy agreement with Rooftop Housing Group it defines what is your responsibility and what is the responsibility of Rooftop. Rooftop will maintain existing fencing and replace broken or damaged fencing that borders a public right of way. Public rights of way include roads, parks, public footpaths or pavements.

If a fence divides you and your neighbour, then Rooftop’s policy is that this is the responsibility is that of you the tenant. There are times when a tenant may be responsible for repairs to a boundary fence and this is when the damage has been caused by the tenant or people associated to them. Common issues that are often down to the resident include fencing being weakened by heavy plants or decorative items being hung on them and fences damaged by vehicles, pets or children climbing on them.

If you are unsure over whether the fence and any damage is your responsibility or not it is always best to speak to your neighbourhood officer who will be able to clarify the situation for you.

How can you help prevent loss or damage to the fencing.

There are several ways to help maintain your fences and reduce the risk of damage which include remove heavy objects which are hanging from the fence and keep vegetation down and away from the fence. A regular check of any panels and a coat of stain or waterproof sealant will help protect it from the elements and prolong the life of the fence.

If a fence is moving or creaking in the wind give it a little support to prevent the wind from causing more damage and if you notice any movement, damage or missing panels which are on a boundary please contact Rooftop on 01386 420800 or via repairs-web.

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