With the demolition of the former Kwik Save site on Black Dog Way in Gloucester nearly complete, Rooftop Housing Group can announce that the Black Dog Way development will be moved… by 1 meter.

Black Dog Way DemolitionWorking on this complicated site has revealed many treats - 4 wells, several buried fuel tanks, a former tannery, lots of old beer bottles, former mechanics workshops and a Victorian Culvert with a river running through it.

“We knew there was a river there before we started on site” Said Katherine Portman Rooftop’s Senior Programme Delivery officer, “but we couldn’t locate it until we were on site.”

The river Twyver enters the site from the bottom of Kingsholm Road, follows Black Dog Way and then goes towards the Severn all inside a Victorian brick culvert.

“The Environment Agency wouldn’t allow us to build over it, and we wouldn’t want to; it’d be for too much of a risk disturbing a major watercourse.” Katherine Portman commented. To avoid the river Rooftop Housing Group, and their contractors United Living resubmitted plans that are being considered by Gloucester City Council.

Building is due to start in the Summer.