YPS Listing Bw (1)Vulnerable people like the elderly, homeless veterans and victims of domestic abuse could be £3700 a year poorer if government plans go ahead.

Rooftop Housing Group is asking George Osborne to clarify whether the Housing Benefit cap will apply to the most vulnerable in society.

Ann Cornelius Rooftop Housing group’s Housing, Communities and Support Executive says that “In our own organisation we have 97 beds for homeless young people aged 16-21 years. We would lose £350,000 a year in rental income and would be force to close these vital services. If they closed, young people could be put at risk of returning to the street, sleeping rough, and possibly resorting to crime to survive.”

She went on to say that “we know that the young people we help come from very troubled backgrounds; they haven’t had the chances many of us have had.

It would be unthinkable if we had to abandon their journey back into society. We want to urge the Government to clarify that this is not the case and that these vital homes for the most vulnerable can be saved.”