Report writing smallHave you ever wondered why Rooftop does what it does? Have you ever wondered how Rooftop makes decisions, starts new services and changes the way that it works?

Sometimes residents tell us it’s hard from the outside to see why we do things the way that we do.

Did you know that we have all sorts of steps that we need to take before we make changes?  We need your help so that we make the best possible changes and improvements in our services.

That’s where the Resident Excellence Panel (REP) comes in.

The Panel is made up of Rooftop customers and it scrutinises and investigates the services we provide to residents. It works with our Customer Panel, making sure that you’re at the heart of the decisions we make.

So what does the REP do?

The customers that make up the Panel find which service to review, they look into that service and report back with how it can be improved.

We need more of you to get involved, and because we recognise how important the REP is to Rooftop, members will receive either payment (up to £1,000) or shopping vouchers for giving their time.  We will also provide a tablet and training.

If you’re interested in taking part, and being at the heart of the Rooftop community, there are two taster sessions happening at our Head Office in Evesham on Thursday the 10th November 3pm to 6pm. They’ll take about an hour and a half and will be a chance to ask questions about what the Panel members do.

If you are interested and want to know more about applying or the taster sessions please contact Kate Gallant, Community Investment Manager, on 01386 420800 extension 116 or by email on