Customer Voice Report March 2019

Putting the customer at the heart of what we do means we want to guarantee meaningful feedback.

The impact of Neighbourhood Officers (NO) having more presence in their communities is yielding results. Specific examples include:

  • On 12 February our Income Officer, Money Advisor and NO for Fairfield linked up. They set up a partnership with a community pub for future joint working, identified an abandoned property and two abandoned vehicles and referred a customer to our Job Coaches.
  • Our NO in Minsterworth brought in our Money Advisor and Income Officer to meet residents in the new properties there and highlight early intervention opportunities.
  • There has been positive multi agency work with the police, victim support, social services, Green Square and the local MP’s case workers team to tackle anti-social behaviour within a community in Gloucester. We are planning an event which involves all of the agencies completing door knocks and asking customers what they require to improve the area.


Community events

There was a Community Safety event at the Community Hall in Fairfield on 13 January. The NO attended with the local Town Councillor and three officers from the West Mercia Policing Safer Neighbourhood Team. This was a great success and was attended by 50 customers. It was a question and answer session about anti-social behaviour, crime and how to keep your property safe.

There are a number of community events planned for March. These include:

  • Hosting a Roadshow event with partners in Drakes Broughton on 13 March. This will be a drop in for the local community to tell us what they would like to improve in the area.
  • An event at Bishop’s Cleeve Football Club on 23 March to promote the Wayne Hemmingway project and emphasise partnership working.
  • Our new NO, Sophie Hickman, is carrying out a street meet from 25 to 29 March in Honeybourne, Badsey, Pebworth and Bretforton to introduce herself to customers across her patch, offer advice or answer any queries.


Together with Tenants

We have a great opportunity to be involved in the National Housing Federation’s (NHF) pilot ‘Together with Tenants’. This aims to create a stronger, more balanced relationship with tenants and residents. Rooftop’s Head of Neighbourhoods and Income is attending an early adopters’ event on 11 March and our Neighbourhood Manager is attending a consultation on the draft plan on 18 March. Some of our Residence Excellence Panel members are attending an event hosted by the NHF and The Matrix Partnership on 10 April and we will consult with customers at community events.


Resident Excellence Panel (REP)

The REP is undertaking a review of our aids and adaptations service. We’ve interviewed a customer to join the REP and he attended the meeting in February to observe.


Training academy

A small focus group was held with customers on 23 January which resulted in positive feedback for the initiative. We are now in the process of putting the content and materials together and the Leadership Team have been asked to nominate staff to take certain sessions. NOs are also promoting the academy to customers whilst out on patch. We plan to invite all of the former Customer Panel members and other involved customers for the pilot. The first session is due to take place on 30 April at Yates Court Activities room.


Customer involvement in service and policy reviews

The Domestic Abuse policy and procedure are currently being reviewed with an involved customer. We are also obtaining views from customers digitally regarding complaints policies.


Service charge consultations

Our Service Charge Officer has been consulting with customers at our older persons schemes regarding services that we provide and the amount they pay in return. In October this year, we will be conducting a comprehensive review of service charges including consulting with all service charge customers. This will put us in a better position to understand what both the customer and budgetary requirements are.


Community consultations

We are currently consulting customers in Bishop’s Cleeve and Middle Littleton regarding regeneration proposals.

In Manor Road, Middle Littleton, we have 10 ‘Airey’ houses that are no longer up to standard. On 16 February, there was a consultation event at Middle Littleton Village Hall, involving a mockup of the site and sample layouts by the architect. A further event is planned.

In Bishop’s Cleeve, we have an exciting opportunity to work with designer, Wayne Hemmingway, to regenerate a number of areas. Consultations were held on 17 December 2018 with Tewkesbury Borough Council and Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council. This was followed by an evening consultation with the local community. A further evening consultation was held 31 January 2019 for the customers whose homes we are considering for demolition. Those who attended seemed to be very receptive to the plans and were pleased with the suggestion that we bring into the design the history of the Smith’s factory. The idea for this is to use the ‘footprint’ utilised in other areas such as Bourneville village.


Facebook live Q&A sessions

The Group Chief Executive carried out a live Q&A session on Facebook which had 574 views, 176 engagements and reached 2,118 customers after the January Board meeting.