We at Rooftop love our community, we love the diversity of experience, of age, of life skills, and of origin.

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We’re proud to be part of the Wychavon community and beyond… which is why we were so shocked when one member of staff witnessed a racial attack, at lunchtime, in Evesham.

They saw an Evesham resident shouting at some people that she thought were Polish immigrants. Before our staff member could intervene another Evesham resident stepped in to challenge her.

It’s shaken us a bit, because this isn’t the Evesham that we support or condone.

We challenge discrimination in the work that we do, and we have an active equality policy, because we are here for everyone who is in need.

So who is in need?

Here are the facts.

These aren’t massaged, unaccountable figures, they are the facts.

In Wychavon, our homes house 3,806 families who are White British. Only 77 Families say are something other than White British. They could be anything from Black Caribbean, Asian, Irish and often born in Britain.

So, that’s 3,806 families compared to 77. 

The 77 families could be from anywhere in the world, are often second or third generation British residents, and all have the legal right to be here. 

How many of us have moved here from other parts of the country, and other parts of the world at some point in our family history?  We think that’s great, because we have a skilled workforce to enhance our economy, new ideas and outlooks, food and cultural experiences to add to our lives. 

To think that one intolerant person shouted at one of our neighbours in the street feels wrong to us.

We are hugely proud of the contribution all our tenants make to the local community and we want to celebrate their diversity, but also show what the real picture is.