With the cold winter weather with us, you may have noticed more condensation in your home. 

We've put together some basic tips to deal with condensation before it becomes a problem.

General tips

  • Wipe down window frames if they become wet with condensation.
  • Do not place cupboards or beds against outside walls.
  • Don’t overfill wardrobes or cupboards as this will stop the air circulating.

Ventilation and reducing steam

  • Open windows, use trickle vents, extractor fans or air vents, these will help moisture to escape outside and stop the air becoming stale, which is not good for your health.
  • When cooking on a gas hob, cover pans and keep the kitchen door closed to stop moisture from circulating around the house. Ensure the extractor fan is on and a window is open if possible.
  • If you use a tumble dryer make sure it is vented so that the air escapes outside.
  • When drying clothes indoors close the door and open a window.
  • After showering close the door and open the window until the moisture has gone.
Heating your home

Regular heating of all your home at a lower temperature is more effective than one or two rooms at a higher temperature.

  • If you have central heating, use the thermostat and set the temperature to a comfortable level around 18-21 degrees. Remember by turning the thermostat down even by 1 or 2 degrees can save you money.
  • Do not use paraffin or bottled-gas heaters as these produce a lot of moisture.
  • Do not place furniture in front of radiators as this will stop them from heating the room.

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You can download our full condensation leaflet here.