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If you've ever wanted to swap your home then here's your chance. Whether you want to move to a larger home, or a smaller home, there's always someone else who wants what you have! Perhaps you need to move closer to work, or need to be nearer family, or perhaps just fancy a change! Whatever the reason, we may be able to help.

Come along to The Home Exchange Event on Saturday 3 October between 11am and 4pm at 81 High Street, Evesham WR11 4DN.

Fill in the details of your home, and your ideal home on the postcards provided, including any other information that you feel other people may be interested in.

For example if you are near a school, shops or a train station then you might want to include that.

If you can take some photos on a mobile phone or digital camera that would be great. 

Bring them with you as that will help other people get a feel for your property - and it can help break the ice when you're chatting to people.

Food and refreshments will be provided with entertainment for children.

There is also a prize draw opento all social housing tenants attending the event, with prizes including an iPad min, three £50 shopping  vouchers and two £25 shopping vouchers.

A 10% discount voucher for AB Removal Services is also available for all successful homeswappers. 

Remember: Everyone who is coming along on the day is just like you and looking to swap their home so you don't need to worry about anything. Even if your home is no longer suitable for you it could easily be perfect for someone else. And you might find your new ideal home. Click here to see a video of Senior Housing Officer Lisa Kelley talk about the event.

Find out more about Swapping your home.


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