The Government this week published its vision for the future of social housing. But why should you be interested? The focus of the Social Housing Green Paper was all about you, our customers, the communities where you live and the service you receive from Rooftop as your landlord. Government Ministers talked to almost 1,000 tenants across the country, including some from Rooftop, in forming the plan. The review was sparked by the tragic fire at a Grenfell. The plan sets out five aims: 

  1. Ensuring you have safe and decent homes  

  2. Improving and speeding up complaints 

  3. Ensuring your voice is heard by landlords 

  4. Tackling the stigma of social housing and celebrating communities 

  5. Building more social homes 

Rooftop embrace the challenges set out in this document. We have always put customers and communities at the centre of what we do - but we know we can always do better.

The Board of Rooftop have set me a personal target this year to ensure that we are as customer-focused as we can be, and that the voice of the customer is heard loud and clear. Plans are in place to make this happen, from increasing the conversations we have online, to ensuring our Neighbourhood Officers talk, listen and engage with the communities where they work.

We’ve already worked hard to improve how we manage health and safety, including fire, and will shortly review how we deal with complaints. We already do lots of work locally on neighbourhood events to celebrate what’s great about our local communities and to keep our ears to the ground and we want to do even more of that. We know that delivering a good repairs service is one of the most important things to you, so we’ll continue to work hard to ensure that it is the best it can be. 

I am personally committed to ensuring we are delivering the best services we can and listening to our customers. Of course, sometimes we get it wrong - and we will continue to put things right as quickly and effectively as we can.

So, in summary we are working to meet the challenges Government has set - because it’s the right thing to do. Neighbourhood Manager Lisa Sutton is working on our plan to strengthen the voice of the customer and we will publish this in the autumn.  In the meantime you can contact Lisa at or me at with any views you might have. I am always happy to get feedback and talk to customers and I hope to see many of you out and about in the year ahead. 

You can find our complaints process here and the latest Resident Annual Report here 


Boris author

Article by:

Group Chief Executive of Rooftop Housing Group