During this really hot weather it is important to try and keep cool, we have 10 great tips to keep well and enjoy the sun!

1. Keep hydrated! Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol as these will dehydrate you

2. Eat Chilli - spicey foods actually cool your body down as they make you sweat

3. Make your own ice slushy by keeping a drink in the freezer! As the water       melts you’ll have a nice cold drink

4. Stay in the shade! If it’s too hot keep out of direct sunlight

5. Drop the temperature! Take cold showers and baths

6. Apply a compress to your pressure points. A little water will help cool your       whole system. Wrists, temples, elbows and joint creases are great for         cooling the body.

7. Eat little and often – digestion uses energy and generates body heat

8. Wear light coloured loose fitting clothing

9. Keep your curtains closed! When you’re out and about keep your house cool by keeping your curtains and blinds closed.

10. Wear cotton it allows for better air circulation. Synthetic clothing will trap heat and moisture making you uncomfortable.