Saturday the 3rd of October saw the first Rooftop Home Exchange Event in Evesham and it was a great success.

We had tenants queuing at the door waiting for the event to start and the first couple of hours the place was buzzing with tenants looking at the postcards, chatting to each other and getting advice from members of staff.

Jamie Home SwapperJamie Dudley, Principal Partner Manager, at Housing Partners representing Homeswapper was busy registering new applicants, he said "The Rooftop mutual exchange day was a great success, a considerable amount of effort was put into promoting the event and the HomeSwapper stand was busy throughout the whole day. It is great to see a Landlord putting this level of effort into providing support for local tenants, it clearly paid off. Every customer who I spoke to was genuinely looking to move and saw that mutual exchange was probably the best option for them to increase their chances of finding their next home. It was a pleasure to be part of such a well organised event".

Homeswapper Listing

We had an additional 21 new people fill out postcards with details of their property and where they want to move to on the day. We handed out 5 mutual exchange application forms and are currently trying to assist some tenants with a 3 way exchange.

Lots of people commented on what a great idea the event was and they are pleased that we are trying to help people move. It has also raised awareness around mutual exchange. More information about actual swaps will be coming soon.

We were so pleased with how it went that we're planning on holding another event next year.

There're more photos on our Facebook page