The Health Act 2006 (smoking ban) came into force on 1 July 2007 and it’s almost 10 years since smoking in enclosed public spaces and places of work was banned.

How does the ban affect you as a Rooftop resident?

It’s part of life now and we’re used to it, however, there are still times where home and work mix, and what’s your private space one minute can become somebody else’s workplace the next.

Here’s a few examples of when smoking is banned by law even if it feels like your personal space.

  • If you use your personal car for work, that’s your workplace and smoking is banned.
  • Communal areas like corridors, lifts, landings and foyers in all Rooftop’s housing schemes and residential facilities are enclosed public spaces, and other people’s work place, so smoking is banned.
  • Where your home becomes someone else’s workplace, like your Neighbourhood Officer or contractor.

Can you still smoke in your home?

If you smoke, when you have a visit from a Neighbourhood Officer or someone carrying out a repair, or anyone visiting your home to do a job… that is now their workplace, and smoking is banned.

It sounds odd, but it’s how the law operates.

Man Smoking SmallerRooftop is committed to ensuring that staff and contractors are protected from the effects of second-hand smoke.  Therefore, we ask you and anyone else at your property not to smoke for at least 30 minutes before a pre-arranged visit and during a visit.

If you decide to continue smoking and our staff member or contractor decides that the smoke is excessive, they may:

  • Ask you not to smoke during the visit
  • Ask for the windows to be opened
  • Allow time for the smoke to clear before starting to work
  • Delay the visit and leave your home.

If the smoke doesn’t clear or you or anyone else in your home carry on smoking our staff and contractors reserve the right to cancel the visit and make a different appointment.