One Million pounds sounds like a lot of money.

It could buy you 3 average detached houses, and you’d have enough left over for a nice car and a nice holiday…

One Million pounds sounds like a lot of money, until you start to divide it, and see how far it can stretch.

That’s why Beverley, Rooftop Work and Money Advisor, doesn’t like talking about big figures. The One Million pounds that Beverley has helped people get this year actually means that she’s been able to help 256 people claim the benefits that they were absolutely entitled to.

This isn’t extra money, this is money that should have been theirs in the first place.

Beverley“The figures don’t surprise me” says Beverley. “so many people are unaware of the help that’s available, and there’s lots of inaccurate assumptions.”

She knows what she’s talking about. She’s often heard “I’ve been told…” or “my friend said I can’t get that…” because well-meaning people have passed on half-truths and rumours.

Beverley’s advice is simple “Always get accurate and professional benefits advice from advice agencies. Even if you’ve had a benefits ‘MOT’ a year ago try and get another one each year to make sure you don’t miss out.” She knows that rules change, personal circumstances change and hundreds of people in the Rooftop Community are missing out.

It’s not all plain sailing getting to the magical million mark. “As a benefits advisor I find it very frustrating when I meet someone who could… who SHOULD have already claimed a benefit; they’ve missed out, benefits are rarely backdated!”

One million pounds sounds like a lot of money.

It means, on average, an extra £76 a week for the people Beverly has helped, and that extra £76 could be worth a million to them.

To make an appointment with Beverley, or just a chat, please telephone on 01386 420800 ext. 164.

This service is available to all tenants and their families. 

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John is Head of Communications and Marketing at Rooftop Housing Group.