My name is Carl, I am 21 and I live locally to Evesham.  

I previously worked as a factory operative as well as a cleaner and at Jobcentre Plus. During all those different jobs, I have gained a unique blend of skills relating to communication, customer service and administration.


I was inspired to join Rooftop Housing Group because I wanted to further develop my current customer service and administration skills. I was also inspired to join Rooftop Housing Group because I used to clean in an office environment and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be on the other side of it, so to say, so when I saw the chance to join RHG I applied straight away and I have not looked back since.

I found out about the apprenticeship by a local advertisement at Evesham Jobcentre plus, I currently work in the housing team and my main job role is managing the rental lockup and garages, while also assisting with the supported living properties.

The main thing I would love to get out of my apprenticeship is a full time or part time job with Rooftop Housing Group as I have enjoyed working here a lot. I would love to continue my employment here. I would like to build upon my confidence on the telephone mainly because I have had little experience using a work based telephone at any of my previous jobs. I feel that RHG is helping extensively with this skill because I am using the telephone a tremendous amount, communicating with both colleagues and members of the public. I also would like to expand my current knowledge in some areas such as the ins and outs of housing benefit and how it affects tenants and RHG themselves, I would also like to expand my knowledge of what entities help to formulate the social housing structure.