I searched for apprenticeships after completing one year of sixth form, and I came across Rooftop on the apprentiships.gov website, where I applied for the job myself.


Making that jump from leaving lower sixth form to become an apprentice is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I decided to become an apprentice to open doors for my future and to get experience in the working world. I have learnt new skills, developed my expertise and gained a vast amount of knowledge about how different companies work. I have learnt a range of basic administration skills such as working on spreadsheets and working with confidential information, all which will help with any career path that I decide on in the future.

At Rooftop I work in the community investment team as a business administrator apprentice. The team supports the community and carries out assessments to ensure people get the right help. My job role includes filing information, answering the telephone, sending out and preparing letters as well as arranging appointments for my team. I enjoy completing the jobs that I do as it gives me a chance to work individually and within a group. I have more confidence now when using the phones and have developed my communication skills, verbally and written. I also feel I have developed a close and trusting relationship with my colleagues. After I have completed my apprenticeship at Rooftop I hope to go on working within the community and maybe do a social work course at college. I enjoy supporting and helping people and would like to be able to do this in a future career.