My name is Adam and I'm from Evesham.

I'm studying for a Level 2 business administration apprenticeship with Rooftop Housing Group. Before this I was doing A-levels at Pershore High, and decided during my A2 year that university, the so-called traditional path after A-levels, was not right for me. I actually came across my role by accident when I was looking for a placement.


My role in Rooftop is to support the work of the repairs and asset management team.

We make sure that Rooftop properties are maintained for our tenants. We do this through a variety of different ways; responsive repairs ensuring major/minor issues are dealt with, programme maintenance which ensures the shelf life of kitchens, bathrooms etc.  

I'm currently helping with cyclical maintenance through maintaining an asbestos and compliance (fire alarm, emergency lighting) register. It's certainly built my skills in dealing with contractors and data collection.  

In addition to this I also help investigate and resolve repairs complaints, which is quite interesting as it has allowed me to play detective, gathering evidence to achieve resolutions. Alongside this I have been doing other ad-hoc duties such as word processing, laminating, scanning, phoning tenants etc. However mundane those tasks might appear it has allowed me to build useful and versatile skills for any future job roles.

My role is still expanding and eventually I'll be helping with the responsive repairs and dealing with tenant issues on the phone. So far my role has been an equal measure of enjoyable and challenging (in a good way), and ensures that I am both kept busy and on my toes for any issue that might happen.

Following on from my apprenticeship I would either like to seek further employment within Rooftop, and if this isn't possible then I'd look for a job in an office based environment perhaps within a similar industry.