Some 20 years ago, Evesham & Pershore Housing Association (EPHA) was created following a stock transfer of 4,020 homes from Wychavon District Council. Since then, EPHA has come a long way. Notably, it now owns and manages almost 6,000 properties. And we have ambitious plans to deliver a further 1,750 new affordable homes by 2023.

We’re very proud of what EPHA has achieved but felt that the time had come to consider changing the name so that it reflected the expansion of its services and areas of operation. At the last count, we currently have homes in 67 villages, towns and cities and work with 17 local authorities – mainly across Worcestershire and Gloucestershire but also as far afield as Shropshire and Somerset.

For a long time now, the names of Rooftop Housing Group and EPHA have been considered interchangeable by residents, staff and other organisations that we work with. However, the actual name of the landlord for most residents remains EPHA. This is now set to change.

Shareholders at the Annual General Meeting on 24 September were be asked to take a decision to change the name of EPHA to Rooftop Housing Association Limited (RHA). The vote was in favour of the name change and - after we receive confirmation from the Financial Conduct Authority - is set to come into effect on Monday 20 October. The decision will not affect any tenancy agreements.

In the meantime, please be assured that whatever we are called, we will continue to deliver homes that people can afford. We invest in people and local communities. And we are in it for the long term.

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