My Name is Aimee and this past week I have been at Rooftop, this was part of my work experience. I chose to come to rooftop because I wanted to know more about that area of work as I hadn't done something like that before. Another reason I came to rooftop was because of my interest in media, I take media as one of my A level options, so I enjoy the subject and wanted to learn how it links in with different jobs.

On Monday the 16th July I began my work experience at rooftop housing group, when I arrived I was introduced to the company by Kris Mills and given an idea on how the different departments worked. I met John Rockley and he showed me their social media feeds including Facebook and their website and told me about how they are run, after this I was given the task of coming up with a social media post for both Facebook and the website about BBQ safety and with some help and their permission I was able to publish this. While doing this I also watched how the banner for the article was made on adobe photoshop and found another photo for the post, which was Homer Simpson. Using Homer made the post more light-hearted and relaxed despite the serious information, I learnt this was, so I could identify with the people viewing the post and seem friendlier rather than commanding and formal and would increase the chance of them engaging with the post too.

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 On Tuesday morning I was given a laptop to use while at rooftop and was shown the website Canva, I played around with it and made a basic poster that included some information I was given. I was able to and then preview then print it, showing the poster to Barb she gave me feedback on how its good to make it more eye catching so people are more likely to read it and be interested in the event. Then it was time to go out and join the garden competition team! I was given a camera and we got to ride in the electric car, which was fun. we looked around each of the gardens, taking photos of them and speaking with the people who they belonged to. I enjoyed looking around the gardens as they were all really unique and interesting.

"Coming here has given me a range of opportunities to try new things and learn more about something I haven’t done before."

 Wednesday morning, I worked on the event poster, making sure to use Barb's advice and make the poster bolder, to do this I used brighter colours and larger text to gain the audience’s attention. Later on, I joined Danny to learn more about what neighbourhood officers are and what they do. Prior to this I didn't know what a neighbourhood officer was or what they did so Danny explained it to me. I learnt that neighbourhood officers look after certain areas and the properties within them, one of the places we visited was Broadway. This includes inspecting the area to look for potential improvements and also the standard/wellbeing of the homes themselves. I was surprised to find out neighbourhood officers also worked with the people living in the houses as well, helping them when they have a problem and coming up with a suitable solution.

 Danny told me that to be a neighbourhood officer you not only have to be a problem solver but also kind as the job involves working with a variety of different people, understanding what they need and how you can make improvements to solve this and also help the community as a whole. I've also written an article about my day with a neighbourhood officer.

 On Thursday we went to view the last garden in the competition, when we got back to the office, Pete one of the neighbourhood officers was waiting for us and asked us to make a poster for an event he was working on, this was Evesham Community litter pick, it was important that the poster was done by Friday, so I started making it on Canva straight away. Once my final design was approved I could get back to working on writing about what I have been doing here. I left early on Thursday to do my driving theory test (which I passed!)

And now, on Friday I am writing this.

Overall, my work experience at Rooftop taught me a lot of things, from how each department works and communicates with each other to how to run a social media feed and successfully reach your target audience. Coming here has given me a range of opportunities to try new things and learn more about something I haven’t done before.

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