On Wednesday the 18th of July I was able to join one of the neighbourhood officers at rooftop on one of their outings, the neighbourhood officer I joined was Danny. prior to this I didn't know what a neighbourhood officer was or what they did so Danny explained it to me.

I learnt that neighbourhood officers look after certain areas and the properties within them, one of the places we visited was Broadway. This includes inspecting the area to look for potential improvements and also the standard/wellbeing of the homes themselves. I was surprised to find out neighbourhood officers also worked with the people living in the houses as well, helping them when they have a problem and coming up with a suitable solution.

They also deal with cases of anti-social behaviour and as a result of this work closely with the police, he showed me the little SOS button they keep with them which when pressed would alert the police and they would arrive in case they were needed.

"They really care about the people they are helping"

Danny told me that to be a neighbourhood officer you not only have to be a problem solver but also kind as the job involves working with a variety of different people, understanding what they need and how you can make improvements to solve this and also help the community as a whole.

One of the things we did while we were out was to meet an older woman and her son about her property boundaries and where they were, while giving advice on where they would logically be, Danny suggested she talked to a solicitor to make sure of this as she bought the house herself. After that we looked around some estates and the homes to check that they were being looked after and then dropped off a letter to a tenant. We also talked with an older man about his garden as there had been a complaint issued about its maintenance and found out that he would be getting someone to do it soon, which was good.

Overall, I learnt that neighbourhood officers don't just go around neighbourhoods and deal with complaints if there is something wrong but that they really care about the people they are helping with and finding quick solutions to problems which suit everyone too.

Aimee Robinson - Work Experience - web

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