We want customers to be at the heart of everything we do and Rooftop is introducing new, or building on existing processes, so that the customer is actively involved within the organisation.

Our Neighbourhood Officers are more visible in their communities following the introduction of smaller patches, an increase in agile working and by door-knocking on specific subjects such as Universal Credit.

A new community events programme is well underway with successful litter picks in a number of areas that have enhanced their overall appearance and the pride residents feel in them. For loan Shark week, Rooftop went to supermarkets promoting public engagement, press articles and Christmas events have all received positive feedback.

Neighbourhood Officers are recruiting Neighbourhood Champions so that residents are working closely with us.  This relationship is a key example of active customer engagement and will feed into the reducing trend of customer queries and complaints.

New initiatives by Support and Employability, such as intergenerational activities at Cherry Orchard House, have been a huge hit with customers as well as having an extremely beneficial effect on combatting isolation and promoting well-being.  Comments from customers include

“I feel happy and uplifted, and young again”, “I look forward to every Thursday”.

All customers who have provided either positive or negative feedback are being contacted via the STAR survey and there are proposals to introduce a specific customer engagement survey and a neighbourhood survey.

Focus groups to review Domestic Abuse procedures and Customer Complaints Policies are starting soon and customers are being asked to directly scrutinise our repairs and assets service.

Analysis of STAR survey responses has shown that one of the main areas of dissatisfaction related to service charges.  A forum of customers who can help review our processes is being established before the end of Q1 2019/20.

As a result of listening to feedback from customers who had some concerns regarding security of tenure, we are no longer issuing fixed term tenancies as standard.

Perhaps one of the most impactful developments in customer engagement has been via digital media and Vlogs and Facebook Live sessions.  Managers and the Group Chief Executive have reached approximately 11000 customers.

Customer Engagement is at the core of our future planning and existing initiatives will be built on and more actions are in the pipeline.  We're serious about listening more, about explaining ourselves better and we're constantly learning.