Life isn’t easy and throughout your journey in life there are challenges, but it’s how you manage those challenges that designs your future as a person!

Alice is a young, beautiful, passionate charismatic young lady.  Life hasn’t been the easiest but neither have some of the decisions that she has made in her past. At the age of 18 Alice was possibly making the wrong decisions that she felt were right… like lots of other 18 year olds.  With extreme anger inside her she smashed up her family home, her family relationships had broken down. Before she knew what was happening she was homeless, every door was closing. With remarkable bravado, Alice continued to make the decisions she wanted to make, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and living the party life with her “so called” friends, friends that are now strangers.  Her first temporary accommodation for homelessness didn’t last long because of  her behaviours. Alice would then go on to another temporary accommodation where she  continued to self-destruct what little life she had; she did not  want to face reality. Angry at the world and pushing everyone away that tried to help, brought trouble with police, and disregard for  any form of authority.  With another eviction under her belt the next step was a dry house but Alice wasn’t ready, the drugs had taken a hold.  Then came a time when the partying had become dull, loss of friends through the grip of drugs, and the loss of her own caring nature to such addictions, Reality had caught up with her.

The only offer left was to start a new life away from her apparent safe place.

This was the offer of accommodation at a scheme called Lydney Gateway...

Alice (1)“I went over to look at it, stayed one day and returned to my old stomping ground – I wasn’t ready yet.  With the threats of further eviction and no other chances, I had to decide and that’s the best decision I ever made! I stayed at Lydney Gateway, came off the drugs and alcohol with no help just my own will power and determination, it wasn’t easy and my mental health has suffered in which I am dealing with the demons every day; but I took that first step!! I cleared all my debts, kept my head down and now I have what I’ve always wanted! After completing my PFI, sticking to my rent payments and engaging I now have my own space I can call a home!! There are still challenges ahead but I am stronger now.  I have rebuilt the relationships with my family who are very supportive, I’m in a loving relationship and I accept support and don’t see it as a weakness.  I’m now ready for my next chapter and excited of what’s to come.” 

Catherine is a Team Leader  for Rooftop: “I knew Alice from the days of her past, with the hard persona and at times intimidation, seeing the transition three years later I can honestly say that I am so proud of Alice, her commitment and her determination to turn her life around! It’s a pleasure to see and proves that you can change if you want to!!”