When you plan something you always hope it’ll be successful; you hope that people care about what you’re offering. It’s like when you make food for a party, there’s half-a-hundredweight of sausage rolls… just in case.

And then over 140 people turn up!

That’s what we got at the Evesham Job Fair held on April 29 at Evesham Library. When we saw the interest on Facebook we thought it’d be popular but didn’t quite expect people queuing down the stairs.

Queuing For The Job Fair 1One of the employers meeting people said “it was really hectic” I say good; If it’s hectic it means that we’re helping as many people as we can. “It was nice though,” they went on to tell me “to be able to help people and it seemed like most people appreciated the feedback on their CVs, more people attended than I thought it would be, so that was really positive”.

The Job Fair was about Rooftop Housing Group coming together with Evesham Job Centre, Wychavon District Council, and Worcestershire County Council helping job seekers find the help they need and to meet local businesses.

CV’s were checked, support was given, people were helped, and over 100 people entered our prize draw for an iPad mini. Gabriella Gherghe from Evesham was the lucky winner this time!

One of the best things to come out of this is that the employers got a lot from it “We loved the job fair and were thrilled it was such a success. We would love to have another” one said, another told me that “…the event was a great success and very well attended.  We would certainly be keen to support a further event”.

So that’s what we’re going to do, we’re planning another Job Fair for early autumn, and I’ll tell you more nearer the time.Philippa Helping A Job Seeker

I need a rest first!

Huge thanks have to go to the employers (PrimaFruits, Sandfield Farms, T L C Home Care Services, Brandon Trust, Eden Futures, Pertemps (Driving) and O’Neil and Brennan) who were kept busy all day.

If you’re a Rooftop Resident and you need some help finding your way into work get in touch on 01386 420800.