Rooftop’s Repair Service has been through huge changes after the feedback you gave us. If you’ve had a requested repair (outside the usual cycle of renewing and replacing) since January 2016 you’ll have noticed the difference.

We have 93.2% satisfaction for our repairs.

There’ve been some changes, including appointments training for staff and we’ve been trying out ‘handhelds’ for our Gas servicing.

Handhelds mean that we get information back on your repair as it happens which reduces delays and means you know more about what’s going on.

The big change is happening on 3 October when the 2 teams, Repairs Administrators and Planners will be based together. This means that calls between Rooftop and Fortis Property Care will dramatically reduce and that means you’ll have to spend less time on the phone to us when you’re booking a repair.

We even have new opening hours on the repairs line, it’ll now be open from 8am to 4.30pm which means more of you will be able to book a repair before going to work, doing the school run, or both!