More men are coming forward with their stories of domestic abuse and a helpline has been launched specifically for male victims.

Rooftop Housing Group has reacted to research that shows if a man answers the phone, it’s easier for a male victim to open up.  The service has been set up in conjunction with West Mercia Womens’ Aid.

Marc Linton, co-ordinator of the helpline for Rooftop Housing Group said “I’m hearing from more men in a week than I used to in a month. The stigma for male victims of domestic abuse is gradually being addressed and having a helpline where a man answers the phone makes it easier for men to talk about their situation.”

In the past, if a man phoned for support, helplines were always staffed by women.  “If a female voice is the first thing you hear, many men have felt unable to even start a conversation about being the victim of domestic abuse.  Some men have tried to get help several times but give up as they don’t want to admit their situation and a woman’s voice adds to the exclusion.” Marc says.

Rooftop Housing Group have embraced the domestic abuse service and back it wholeheartedly.  As well as Marc being a specialist support worker for male domestic abuse victims, Rooftop also have a specialist Black and Ethnic Minority support worker.  There are cultural obstacles for many Black, Asian and Gypsy males that can make it even more difficult to speak out about violence in the home against men.  It’s really important that we have understanding and available support for minority groups.

The survivor or victim of domestic abuse doesn't have to be the one to make the call, it can be a concerned relative or friend.

The helpline is manned on Tuesday’s between 11am and 3pm and has a voicemail for messages the rest of the time.  Rooftop plan to expand the service in the future.

Call 0800 014 9082

or Email