Right now in our area there are older people who are leading isolated lives.

It’s very easy to become isolated as you get older, especially if you’re just getting on with things… and you’re in good health, and you’re managing… your family may have moved out of easy reach, your friends may have gone closer to their families, and because you don’t see medical professionals, or other support services you become isolated.

Bewdley Court 2One of the many problems about isolation is that you don’t know that there are other ways of living… We have properties in our sheltered schemes that are waiting to break that isolation.

Our older people schemes aren’t like care settings, they’re streets, with an extra front door. You have your own flat, your own front door, your own privacy, but there are services right there. Each of our older people’s schemes has a communal garden, a communal lounge and either lift or stair-lift access and are offered on ‘Social Rent’. You can be as sociable as you want to be… you can break the cycle of isolation for you or someone you know.

We have…

Four, one bedroom first floor flats in Bewdley Court in Evesham for £132.96 p/w,

Three, one bedroom first floor flats in Meade Court for £132.06 - £135.83 p/w,

One first floor bedsit in Seward Close for £110.60 p/w.

For more information about the properties please contact Andrew Gibbins on 01386 420800 extension 1263 or Andrew.gibbins@rooftopgroup.org