Are you a single person making a new claim for benefits like Job Seekers Allowance, or Housing Benefit?

You’ll now have to claim for Universal Credit.

Beverley, from our Work and Money Advice Team spent a few minuets talking to John from the communications team about what Universal Credit is, how to claim, and how it’s paid.

Have a listen below; soon all new claims will get Universal Credit, and eventually you’ll get Universal Credit if you’re already claiming.

One of the important things about Universal Credit is that it rewards you if you’re doing some work (unlike Job Seekers Allowance). Beverley and Philippa are hear to help you find that work that will certainly mean more money to you.

If you need more information call the Universal Credit helpline 0345 600 0723, go to the Direct.Gov website pages on Universal Credit, talk to your local Job Centre, or call Beverley on 0800 0421 800.