Houndsfield smallRooftop Housing Group and the Worcestershire Traveller Education Service (TES) have rewarded star pupils with laptops to help them study.

Children from the Gypsy and Traveller community are amongst the lowest achieving groups in schools in England, with typically low attendance. The TES and Rooftop Housing Group have been working together to turn this trend around and to give children from the Houndsfield Lane community something to work towards.

The project motivates children that fall below an 85% attendance rate to stay in school, and get the best opportunities that education can bring them.

5 Children who now have over 90% attendance were awarded laptops by Rooftop Housing Group’s Chief Executive Ian Hughes at a special ceremony held at Wythall Library.

Tony Henderson Rooftops’ Gypsy and Traveller Project Manager said “this is an exciting project that will help and enable the children at Houndsfield Lane to achieve educational outcomes and is the first step in Rooftop delivering more than just housing to our Gypsy and Traveller customers”.

Photo - L to R Jack Evans, TJ Evans, Tallulah Smith, Ian Hughes, Lawrence Smith, Tiegan Winson