We are all different, in experience, background, ethnicity, money, age, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, ability, education, opportunity…

Why do we see the same people speaking in public, representing our communities, our lives?

It’s because we let it happen.

As a society, as a culture, we don’t question why, at the public meeting, at the open day, at the conference it’s the same people speaking. Not the same individuals, but the same people, the same shape, the same colour, the same.

Rooftop Housing Group, inspired by the work that Future of London are doing with their Speaker Diversity Pledge have signed up, and we’ve created our own pledge.

This is what we’re committing to…

  • Continue to ensure that every effort is made to encourage diverse groups to participate in our events
  • Our leaders will challenge panels which do not represent more than one demographic group – and decline to take part unless every effort has been made to address this
  • Encourage people from all backgrounds to achieve their potential wherever we can

This is right across all the work that we do, and it makes public and clear a commitment to our own culture.

We will support all members of our community and we will make sure that you are represented.

This is our Pledge.

To find out more about the Future of London campaign and how it can be used in your organisation go to http://futureoflondon.org.uk/2016/08/24/diversitypledgeldn-goes-live/