The Opening Game

The Court Jesters (CJ) V Fairy View (FV) Olympic Bowling Match

Friday 1 July 2016


Rooftop Indoor Olympics Poster 2 Small (1)Although we play indoors the weather was fine for our first match.  The Court Jesters had the room ready and there was sign of an afternoon tea.

There was a slight edge of nervous tension to begin with but once the game started the anxieties seemed to dissipate. 

Terry and Betty (CJ) started first with Doreen and Sheila (FV).  Terry was a bit ‘heavy handed’ to begin with, both his woods ending in the ditch.  Whilst Sheila and Doreen seemed to have the upper hand, Doreen following her woods down the carpet wishing them and begging them to stop near the jack!  Betty, well, she’s a good cook!

Scores for these The Court Jesters Nil Points – Fairy View 12 Points

Next was Val and Pat (CJ) playing Fran and Roy (FV).

Val and Pat played very well and kept their woods in play, somewhat wobbly.  Fran – who had never played before this day was very good and once the nerves had worn off she played a ‘blinder’.  Roy was also very good and once again Fairy View seemed to take charge.  At this stage there was a lot of heckling and talk of being kicked out before afternoon tea at this rate!

Scores for these The Court Jesters 2 Points – Fairy View 6 Points

Joyce and Jan (CJ) were up last against Christine and Jane (FV).

Both Joyce and Jane preferred to bowl sitting down so they were last to play.

Christine had been ‘roped’ in to play at the last minute, never having played before.

They all played well but Christine and Jane – Fairy View - pipped The Court Jesters to the post again.

Scores for these The Court Jesters Nil Points – Fairy View 5 Points

Total overall   The Court Jesters 2 Points – Fairy View 23 Points

I have to admit Kayleigh Juliff was very competitive with, what she called her team, Fairy View – seems to think she coached them!  We will have to watch her in the next few weeks!

Everyone had a fantastic afternoon and The Court Jesters put on a fabulous afternoon tea of nibbles and cakes.

Next game - The Cherry Berries play The Court Jesters

By Caroline Maxwell