Abandoned vehicles are one of the things we look for when we carry out a neighbourhood inspection. If the vehicle is on Rooftop land the first check we make is that it has up-to-date road tax. With tax discs a thing of the past we can now check through the DVLA website using the vehicle make, model and registration.

If a vehicle is taxed and roadworthy, it cannot be treated as abandoned. However, if a vehicle is untaxed and/or not roadworthy the Neighbourhood Officer will put a sticker on the vehicle requesting the vehicle be removed or the vehicle owner contact Rooftop within a 7, 14 or 28 days timescale depending on the condition of the vehicle. If the vehicle is in a dangerous condition it can be removed within 24 hours.

Should the vehicle owner not take action and the vehicle remains on Rooftop land we have an agreement in place with the DVLA to share registered keeper details. The DVLA will only share information where we provide a clear reason for the request and have evidence of all the action taken.

Within four weeks the DVLA will provide information held on the registered keeper of the vehicle. If there are registered keeper details, we make contact advising that the vehicle is on Rooftop land and they have 7 days to remove it. If we have no registered keeper details or the registered keeper does not contact us, we arrange removal of the vehicle with a local salvage company.

No action can be taken where the abandoned vehicle is parked on land not owned by Rooftop or on an adopted highway.

For more information or to report an abandoned vehicle, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer.