Before you consider moving to our new scheme, Parsons Gardens we understand that there are many questions that you would want answering.

We hope that we have covered many of your queries below. 

You can also download a copy of the questions and answers here.

Rooftop Housing Association is a charity, currently managing over 6,500 affordable homes based in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

Rooftop has been working with people over 55 to help them live their lives how they want to. Whilst it’s great that we are all living longer and healthier lives, in recognising the problems that are associated with this phenomenon, our aim is to help meet the growing demand for specialist housing for older people and to satisfy their needs.

So your relationship with us is guaranteed to be long term.

Parsons Gardens is located on the Leamington Road in Broadway.

The address is:
Parsons Gardens, Sargent Square, 

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Broadway WR12 7FF

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Parsons Gardens will have 50 self-contained apartments and bungalows. Key features in all the properties will include:

  • Spacious entrance hallway
  • Wide doorways to enable mobility for wheelchair users
  • Electric power sockets set at convenient height
  • Easy access kitchen with fitted hob and oven
  • Emergency call system linked to a staff member 24 hours a day, every day, including Christmas
  • Low surface temperature radiators
  • Central heating and double glazing

The purchase of Parsons Gardens will be affordable for residents through part purchase and
tenancy options as follows:

  • 25 properties will be available for rent
  • 25 properties will be available for part purchase up to 80% of outright price

The properties are leasehold with a 125 year lease and all are being sold on a part purchase basis.

Parsons Gardens will have a range of facilities which will include:

  • Café
  • Lounge
  • Beauty salon
  • Fitness suite
  • Landscaped gardens 
  • Library 
  • Cinema room

Parsons Gardens will have a communal car park.

Parsons Gardens began construction in late 2016, and we expect to welcome our first residents in January 2019.

Properties in Parsons Gardens will be available to people who are over 55. There may be some
exceptions to this rule subject to agreement by the Allocations Panel.

There is an agreed allocation protocol with Wychavon District Council which gives priority to Wychavon District Council residents.

Those people who have registered with us will be invited to a sales information day where detailed pricing and other helpful information will be given, and any questions answered.

If you are interested in living in the scheme after you have attended the sales day, you will be able to apply for a property.

All applications will be considered by the Allocation Panel.

Those people who have shown an interest in renting will be invited to an information day where
detailed costs and other helpful information will be given, and any questions answered.

If you are interested in living in the scheme after you have attended the information day, you will be able to apply for a property.

No-one who is in a position to purchase will be allowed to rent at Parsons Gardens. Rental allocations will start in the autumn of 2017.

Those expressing an interest in rent will be invited to a rental presentation.

It is extremely unlikely, as the rented properties are for those who cannot afford to buy.

We always take into consideration an applicant’s financial circumstances when making property

The first stage of the allocation process is to review what we call affordability, which simply means we have to be sure you can afford your new property.

Our aim is then to create a balanced retirement community at Parsons Gardens with:

  • Different age groups
  • A mix of males and females/couples and singles
  • A range of needs from those who are fit and
  • mobile, to those who need support and care.
  • Affordability.

In consideration of all these issues final selections will be made by the Allocations Panel.

Those wishing to buy will be advised in January 2018 and beyond, to allow them time to sell their property.

We will notify you in writing and if you do not get a place you will be advised of the reason why.

You should have approximately six months to sell your current home.

We will liaise with the agent of your choice to try and ensure this happens.

It’s quite possible. If your application is successful, you will be invited to meet with a specialist
Benefits Money Advisor.

The advisor can help you access benefits and ensure that we secure maximum financial support for your application.

All prices are available on the price list. The maximum share you can purchase is 80%.

If you cannot afford 80% you may be allowed to purchase a lower share, in which case there would be a slightly higher rent to pay.

Rental costs will be released at the rental presentation.

Yes, once you have bought or rented your property you will be required to pay a weekly community charge.

The weekly community charge covers the following costs: service charge, maintenance of fire alarms and equipment, CCTV, cleaning of communal areas, rubbish disposal, pest control, Wi-Fi in the communal areas, communal heating and lighting, external window cleaning, emergency lighting and staff call service. 

Maintenance Charge.

Day to day maintenance of the communal areas, gardening and landscaping, repairs to the heating and lighting in your apartment, insuring the building, lifts, door entry system and staff time for organising these services. 

Wellbeing Charge.

Costs associated with providing 24/7 on-site presence to respond to emergency situations and the arrangement of social events for everyone at Parsons Gardens.

Utility Charge.

All heating, lighting and power to each property. All water related services associated with each property.

Please Note: Residents may be eligible to claim benefits to support their housing costs.

Residents will be charged a monthly fee and at the end of the year, costs will be reconciled against actual usage. The amenities (gas, water and electricity) are bought in ‘bulk’ to achieve savings.

In our experience, residents prefer this arrangement as they are able to plan their finances, in any given period, with the knowledge that they have fixed utility costs which need to be met.

Yes, the council will allocate the council tax charge for each property.

Residents may be eligible to receive council tax benefit towards meeting these costs.

Upkeep and general use of the facilities is covered in the service charge. Meals and entertainment are set at an affordable level on a pay as you go basis.

Restricted community use of Parsons Gardens is envisaged.

Where appropriate a small fee will be charged with any surplus being used to offset running costs.

For anyone worried about affording the move to Parsons Gardens, we strongly recommend that you book an appointment with our Money Advisor.

The Advisor will be available to help ensure that the cost of living at Parsons Gardens is affordable and will advise residents on how they can use their benefits (such as attendance allowance and disability living allowance) to help with any charges.

Purchasers leaving Parsons Gardens (or their estate) would receive the puchase price paid for the property with a deduction for long term capital maintenance.

The charge is based on 1% of the purchase price per year of occupation to a maximum of 10%.

No, the property is returned back to Rooftop.

No, but there is a large communal garden with patio area accessed from the residents’ lounge.

Yes, we will decorate all properties in a light, neutral colour before residents move in.

Carpets will be fitted to all areas except the kitchen (which is high quality vinyl) and the bathroom, (which is specialist non-slip flooring).

Curtains are not provided.

Yes, you would be welcome to do this, at your own cost and as long as you did not interfere with the structure of the building.

We only provide showers. Research suggests that residents find these more accessible, take up
less room, and help them maintain independence in later life.

Our showers are fully accessible to meet all our residents’ mobility requirements.

An assisted bathroom is available in Parsons Gardens for residents who need support with bathing, or would like to use a bath.

Hobs and ovens in the properties will run on electricity.

Heating and water will be run from a central boiler which will run on gas.

You will be able to control the heating temperature in your property personally.

We will install the latest technology to enable you to call for emergency help. This will be linked to a member of the on-site team.

There will be a communal satellite dish which will pick up British satellite services such as Sky.

If you are under the age of 75, the cost of your license is currently £5/year per property.

If you are 75 or over you will need to apply for a ‘free licence’.

Yes, you will need to arrange contents insurance for your property, however, building insurance is covered in the maintenance charge.

First residents will be able to move into Parsons Gardens from January 2019. A moving schedule will be created by the Parsons Gardens Manager and communicated to everyone moving in.

Yes, Rooftop’s contract will ensure that there is a member of staff on site, 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

Access to Parsons Gardens will be permitted through a secure double door which can only be opened by residents or staff. Residential areas in Parsons Gardens will also be controlled by residents and staff, through secure doors.

Residents will have their own key fob which will give them access through the front and rear
external doors. The same fob will give you access to the residential areas. The only other people able to gain access to the residential areas will be staff and any visitor you choose to invite into your property.

There will be monitored CCTV providing added security around Parsons Gardens.

There will be a member of staff on site 365 days per year.

Yes, your pet is welcome, provided that they have been registered with Rooftop and that they are well-behaved and you were able to manage your pet’s requirements.

You would need to make full arrangements to have your pet cared for if you were unwell or away.

Car parking around the entrance to Parsons Gardens and the communal car park will provide
30 car parking spaces for Parsons Gardens and the bungalows on Sargent Square.

The bungalows on Millet Way have 10 allocated car parking spaces.

A buggy store with charging points is located next to the main entrance to Parsons Gardens. Access will be controlled with resident’s fob and automatic doors to maintain security.

Residents must apply for permission to store a scooter before they purchase one.

Prospective residents, who already have a mobility scooter, will not automatically be given permission to keep one, and will be subject to an assessment.

Residents will be required to take out insurance to cover them in the event of an accident with their mobility scooter.

Yes, Parsons Gardens will have a continuous activity programme and residents will also have
the opportunity to establish their own clubs.

No, not at all. We would like to think you will join in with as many activities as possible but there will be no pressure to do so.

Yes, your family and friends of all age groups would be welcome to visit you and stay in your
property. There is no fixed length of stay although guests could not remain indefinitely, or move into your apartment.

Yes, there will be a guest suite with bedroom, shower room and kitchenette, and visitors will
be welcome to use it. Charges will be set at an affordable cost.

Visitors of all age groups will be welcome to visit Parsons Gardens as your guest, or to join in
activities as a volunteer.

Regular visitors over the age of 55 will also be able to participate at an
affordable cost.

Rooftop will work with a care partner to ensure we have dedicated 24 hour qualified staff members on site. Residents needing support will be assessed individually. Support will range from help with domestic tasks to the provision of 24 hour care services.

Support and care will be delivered in residents’ own homes.

The service is flexible and will support your needs as they grow or diminish.

No, Residents’ care and support packages are assessed individually and agreed with them.
Some residents will have their care and support costs met in part or in full by Worcestershire
Social Services.

Before Parsons Gardens is ready for occupation we will be organising some community meetings for people who may be interested in moving into Parsons Gardens.

You will be able to share interests and hobbies and find out what it’s like to live at Parsons Gardens. 

Yes, getting involved ensures that you fully experience what Parsons Gardens’ social activities are like and enables you to meet people and experience new and exciting activities.


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