Heritage Care provide a 24 hour, 7 days a week core service, including;
  • regular daily contact with residents to discuss any issues or just some friendly advice, as part of, or including, a social visit or call in the morning and evening
  • assistance to access communal facilities
  • assessment, review and engagement in care planning options
  • support needed with medication
  • advice on benefits, security and safety
  • assistance in emergencies
  • arranging appointments with other professionals (doctors, chiropodists)
  • the inclusion of telecare to enable residents to live safely in their own homes and to monitor those who seek extra care and support
  • with agreement, liaison with residents’ relatives and care staff
  • ensuring communal areas are clean and tidy
  • looking after health and safety equipment
  • monitoring the condition of the building
  • liaising with repair services and contractors
  • assistance with tenancy related matters (including rent and repairs)

Heritage Care can also offer additional hours of care and support to individuals. This extra care can be purchased by the individual directly or accessed through council funding.

Dora Matthews House also caters for couples where at least one of the couple requires care, either from their partner, or a care provider. This allows couples to carry on living together, a vital aspect to extending and improving people’s lives in their later years.

Dora Matthews House is a superb example of housing with care. It provides choice, independence and dignity for all residents. For more information about the accommodation, contact dora@heritagecare.co.uk, call on 020 8502 3933 or go to the Heritage Care website

Properties and charges

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