Step 1 - Check you are eligible

To check if you are eligible, download and complete our Eligibility Checklist. By going through the checklist and ticking the boxes that apply, you will be able to see if you are likely to be eligible for shared ownership.

Step 2 - Do your sums

To see if you can afford to purchase on Shared Ownership you might like to try out our online Affordability Calculator. This will help you to decide if shared ownership is the route for you.

Step 3 - Register with a HomeBuy agent

To pursue your enquiry for one of these properties, you will need to complete an online application form with the regional HomeBuy agent. For properties in the midlands and Worcestershire, use Help To Buy Midlands. For properties in the south west and Gloucestershire, use Help to Buy South. Once you have completed this form, they will write to you.

Step 4 - Complete a Financial Statement

Now you will need to complete a Financial StatementComplete the figures to calculate your income and outgoings.


Step 5 - Send off your application

Finally, send your:

  • completed eligibility checklist
  • completed financial statement
  • a copy of the HomeBuy agents' letter in response to your online application from step 3 above
  • evidence of savings/deposit

together with:

  • copies of your last three months wage slips
  • copies of your last three months bank statements, making sure that the dates match with your wage slips
  • mortgage promise letter from your bank or Building Society indicating how much you may borrow

to our Shared Ownership team to express your interest in a particular shared ownership property. You can do this either by email to or by post, to:

Grace Seal
Property Officer
Rooftop Housing Group
70 High Street
WR11 4YD