Who is developing Adelaide House?

We (Rooftop Housing Group), are developing Adelaide House into a specialist centre for ex-service personnel. The centre will be operated as a partnership between us and Alabare, who provide specialist mental health services. Mears along with Travis Perkins are providing the materials and labour to complete the refurbishment.

Who are Rooftop Housing Group?

We are a highly regarded Evesham-based housing association who provide various types of accommodation in over 67 towns and villages across Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. We aim to support people, according to their needs and choices, to live independently, in their own homes, in safety, in financial security, in good health, with dignity to achieve the maximum enjoyment from their homes, their lives and their community.

Who are Alabare?

Alabare are a charity that supports vulnerable, homeless and marginalised people. They help them transform their lives, providing accommodation and helping them gain the skills, confidence and opportunities to live a fulfilled life. 

Alabaré was founded in 1991 by Rev John Proctor and his wife Alicia after they befriended and offered a home to a series of people in crisis. They soon realised that the need was far greater than they alone could meet.  In partnership with a Christian community, they founded a new charity, Alabaré and following a year of fundraising, our first home, Barnabas House, was opened. 

25 years later, Alabaré now offers support to over 3,000 people in need through its homes and services across the South and South West of England and Wales. They provide specialist support for young mothers and their babies, people suffering from addictions, young people and those leaving the care system, those experiencing mental ill health, adults with learning difficulties, and Armed Forces Veterans who struggle to cope with life outside of the military.  

What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, frightening or distressing events. It can develop up to 15 years after someone has experienced a disturbing event. During our research we found a total of 94 members of the armed forces were newly registered as suffering with the disorder between July-September last year. This is almost four times the amount recorded in 2008.

When will refurbishments start and finish?

We have had initial development surveys completed at Adelaide House and surplus furniture has now been removed. Refurbishment is due to start in August 2014 and we plan to complete in August 2015.

Why didn’t you tell us about this development sooner?

We had to wait until our Board had agreed the scheme and we were fully able to commit to the project before we could communicate to the public our potential plans. There were also many confidential conversations surrounding Adelaide House with partners that could have jeopardised working relationships if information about the development was made public too soon.

Who will be staffing and maintaining the centre?

The centre will have on site care and support from a dedicated team of staff who will support the individuals to develop coping strategies and community links to help them live valued lives within the community. The team will include support time and recovery workers, with two staff members on duty at all times. Other staff will work flexibly depending on the needs of the residents. Senior staff will be available every day. An on-call system will be provided so staff can contact the area manager.

Will the new centre be secure?

Residents of the centre will be free to come and go as they please.

Will there be a lot of noise and light pollution?

During the build there may be times when works being carried out may produce loud noise. We will always notify you if this is the case and display information on the notice board. Once the development is complete, the centre will produce same level of domestic noise and light pollution as the care home did when it was in use.

What about the parking and traffic issues?

We are aware of the parking issues surrounding Adelaide House and have commissioned a traffic survey to establish the likely impact on the neighbourhood. We will make these results available to view soon. We have also put together a neighbourhood charter which states we will only park within the boundaries of Adelaide House and not on the access track.

Will the build affect my day to day life?

We have produced a neighbourhood charter which sets out our commitment to you as current residents during the development of Adelaide House. This covers working hours, transport arrangements and staffing. These commitments will be expanded once the centre is open to ensure we continue to keep West Malvern a safe and tranquil place to live.

Can I have updates on how the development is progressing?

We will continue to inform local residents throughout the development stages and make any announcements regarding loud noise or later working hours on the notice board located at the front of Adelaide House. We will be sending out a quarterly newsletter with updates on the progression of the build and if our plans change in any way.

Can I come and visit Adelaide House?

Of course! You are very welcome to visit Adelaide House through its development stages subject to work taking place. Once the centre is open you are also very welcome to make an appointment and visit at any time.

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