A specialist facility to support ex-service personnel

Ps Adelaide Photos 005Situated in West Malvern overlooking the picturesque Malvern Hills, Adelaide House is a charming old-style building located in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

It will become a specialist centre for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for ex-service personnel who require on-going rehabilitation. The centre will consist of a core unit offering 10 residential beds in well apportioned rooms with modern facilities.

The house and its location provide an ideal therapeutic environment to engage sufferers of PTSD in interventions that are effective in helping them to manage their symptoms and recovery.

A dedicated team of staff will develop a rehabilitation plan with individuals to focus on maximising their optimum potential. The centre will also provide pre–employment training which has the potential to lead on to work opportunities.

The contractors who are refurbishing the site to make it suitable for use will be donating their materials and skilled labour in recognition of the importance of the facilities to troops returning from active service.

They hope that this will be the first step along a path that, for some, could lead to retraining and employment.

The support model

Development Plans