Young Peoples Service and Supported Living

We offer specialist housing for young people aged between 16 and 25 years, and supported housing for over 18's

Who we are

We offer support for young people aged between 16 and 25 years in our Young Person's Service. Rooftop provides specialist housing, support and advice, as well as opportunities for development and learning, with the aim of enabling young people to lead an independent life.

We also provide temporary housing for young people across Gloucestershire and Worcestershire in St Catherine's and Carpenter's House. This is for over 18's who are homeless, seeking asylum, dealing with addiction or leaving a care setting.

This accommodation provides a vital respite for a young person, in need of guidance and security, or even escaping an abusive situation.  We offer safe, quality accommodation with support and referrals made by our trained staff.

Your local Council needs to refer you to Rooftop to apply for this housing.

Activities held by the YPS promoting independent life skills.
Young people referred into the young peoples service
Customers have moved from supported housing to university
Customers have moved into training or permanent employment

Support and Services

We provide temporary housing for young people in our schemes. This can provide a vital respite for a young person who is homeless, in need of guidance and security, or even escaping an abusive situation.

To be eligible for a place, you must have a need for support and need accommodation.

We are here to provide support and guidance – not to lecture. Our aim is for you to become optimistic about your future, and for you to develop a plan for how to make this happen.

When you leave us, our aim is that you will:

  • Understand rights and responsibilities
  • How to manage money and live on a budget
  • Know how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop skills to live independently
  • Be part of your community
  • Be able to make life choices
  • Be actively developing and achieving
  • Be empowered with the knowledge to stay safe
  • Know how to access services and facilities

Temporary Supported Housing: St Catherine's House, Gloucester

Rooftop provides Temporary Housing for people aged 18+ who find themselves homeless and in need of Temporary accommodation.

Accommodation is provided for up to 2 years.  When applying, customers will be asked about their plans for future permanent housing options, and will be supported to move on during their stay with us, and by the end of the maximum 2 year period.

Our temporary housing is provided as part of Gloucester City Councils "Temporary Accommodation pathway."

Many of the people who come into this service have been homeless, are recovering from addictions, have mental health issues or are asylum seekers.

To apply people have to go to Gloucester City Council Housing Team and Homeseeker.  Accommodation is single Occupancy only.

All applicants must have a “local connection” – have lived in the partnership area (Gloucester) for the past two years, or have an older child or sibling who has lived in the partnership area for the last 5 years, or be considered to have a Council Duty of Care.​

All applicants must work with a Supported Housing Officer and plan for their future permanent Housing needs within the two-year period.

People applying must be able to live alone, or if needed, have access to support to help them to live independently. E.G. a Mental Health worker, a Support Worker, or family member.

Rooftop gives support to build skills for Independent Living, so people in our temporary housing can manage a tenancy and other household responsibilities. We help signpost into education and work, with the long term plan being for residents to move into Social/Private Housing and to live independently.

Rooftop Specialist Housing with Care: Carpenter House, Gloucester

Rooftop works in partnership to provide Temporary Specialist Housing with Care Accommodation for people 18+ who are discharged from local Mental Health services and Hospital Accommodation. Applications are received from Social Workers and Hospital staff via our partnership Allocations Panel.

The panel decisions are based upon Local connection, eligibility and priority of needs. Our accommodation is provided for up to 4 years. When accessing our accommodation, customers will be asked to outline their plan for future permanent housing options and will be supported to move on during their stay with us.

Access to the service is via Application and considered by our Allocations panel which meets at Carpenter House. All applications should be addressed to Carpenter House or emailed to . Applicants should also be registered on Gloucester City Homeseeker.  

Accommodation can be provided for a maximum of 4 years and is single Occupancy only.

All applicants must have a “local connection” – have lived in the partnership area (Gloucester) for the past two years or have an older child or sibling who has lived in the partnership area for the last 5 years. Or be deemed to have a Council Duty of Care.

They are required to engage with a Supported Housing Officer and plan for future permanent Housing options within the four year period.​

All applicants must be able to live independently or if required have access to support to enable them to live independently. E.G. Mental Health worker, Support Worker, family member.

Accommodation in our YPS for 16-25 year olds

The Young Person Service (YPS) is a part of Rooftop’s Supported Housing portfolio, delivered on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council.

We provide supported housing across Gloucestershire for young people 16 to 25 years old.  Access to our specialist support comes through Gloucestershire’s housing process, START.

Most of the young people come to YPS via the care system, homelessness, family or relationship breakdowns and as asylum seekers.

Because of their early experiences, our support to young people focuses on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), substance misuse, and emotional/ mental health issues.


Accommodation for up to 10 young people in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.


Located in the centre of Tewkesbury, offering support and homes for 10 residents.


Providing accommodation for 52 people across 6 properties within Gloucester.

Our Support is based on the Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) model, building a person-centred support plan, enabling the young person to move forward with their lives and to reach their own personal goals.​

Our approach has been successful; with several young people having moved on to their own social housing with ongoing support. Other young people have found employment or gone on to university or collage or volunteering placements.​

Our young people's accommodation offers independence and security with staff on site to help with the difficulties our young tenants could face.​

Each tenant has their own space and communal areas where they can relax together and really build a community.

At the different sites, there's a team of dedicated support workers who can direct the tenants to money advice, emotional support, mental health support, and ultimately help them to move on to their own tenancies, their own homes and move on with their lives.

Preparation for Independence

Preparation for Independence (PFI) is a programme undertaken by all residents in YPS to build a skill set that provides each young person with the ability to live independently.

Many of the young people who secure a place within Young People Service have not been able to experience an environment that provides this learning.

PFI aims to give young people the tools to be able to manage their tenancy, their money and to start on an education or career path.

What Rooftop means to me

"Rooftop is an organisation that works hard to support the local community. We do more than put a roof over people’s heads. I am proud of the quality of service we offer."


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