Our commitment

Rooftop Housing Group Limited, as a social landlord and an employer, is committed to giving equality of opportunity to all persons in every aspect of activity carried out by the Group.

In ensuring that our Equality and Diversity policy underpin all its activities, we will follow the guidance and good practice as recommended by our Regulatory bodies and formally adopt the codes of practice of the Equality and Human Rights Commission for rented housing and employment. 


In addition to ensuring that all applicants receive equal consideration for housing in accordance with our published allocations policy, it will also participate in the National Federation of Housing Association's Core (continuous recording of lettings) scheme. To ensure that we are providing housing on an equitable basis an ethnic monitoring system will be maintained. 


Applications for posts with Rooftop will be invited from any person regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Action will be taken to eliminate harassment at work. Harassment is considered to be a breach of our code of conduct and will therefore be subject to disciplinary action.

We are anxious to ensure that we fulfil our obligations to the Equality Act. Furthermore, where appropriate, sympathetic consideration will be given to requests from applicants who wish to seek part time or job share opportunities.

Contractors, consultants and agents working for Rooftop will also be expected to demonstrate their commitment to equal opportunities.

Housing Management

We will ensure that, in the provision of services, all tenants receive equal treatment.

We will investigate all complaints of racial harassment and take action against perpetrators in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement and protect and support the victims. 


We will take into account the housing needs of special needs groups in providing new developments, including the elderly, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities.

We will maximise the availability of grants to carry out aids and adaptations to the homes of existing tenants with disabilities. 


Every effort will be made to ensure that membership of the boards should reflect the composition of the community in which we operate.

The Equality and Diversity policy will apply to recruitment of board members as well as staff and, where necessary, positive steps will be taken to redress any imbalance in membership. 

Tenants' associations

We will only recognise tenants’ associations that have a commitment to and follow equality policies. 

Monitoring and training

Records of our performance with regard to recruitment, tenancies, allocations, waiting list and membership will be maintained and monitored in accordance with recommendations made by our Regulatory bodies. These records will be kept under review and regular reports made to the appropriate board/committee to ensure policies and procedures are meeting our commitment to equality and diversity.

Training for staff and board members will be provided in order to maintain our commitment to equality and diversity.