Goal: Promote independent living

Independent living – To support and help at least 1,000 older people, both Rooftop Residents and from the wider community, to live independent lives by March 2018

Strategic context

Pressure on the support services from our increasingly aging population, and reduction in grant funding, makes it increasingly important that older people can remain independent and remain in their own homes as long as possible.

This goal includes the assessment process and the establishment of the Independent Living pathway in Worcestershire.  Rooftop Options Advisors assess residents identified as potentially vulnerable, and provide advice and guidance on appropriate services and support in the wider community, and future housing needs. 

What we are doing

 1: Implement the Active Lifestyles Service

Implementation of the Active Lifestyles Service to help promote a healthy, active and social way of life for older and vulnerable people in Worcestershire.

2: Implement the Independent Living Pathways

Potentially vulnerable residents are being assessed by Rooftop Options Advisors and advised on appropriate support and services which will continue to allow them to live a healthy, social and independent life.

3: Using technology to support health and well being

Review with partnerships the use of technology and teleworking to help support health and well being in our communities.

4: Review services which could assist early release from hospital and bed blocking

Review with partnerships the requirements and opportunities for providing services to assist early release from hospital and help prevent bed blocking.

5: Dementia support 2015-18

We want to be a dementia friendly organisation and to promote dementia friendly communities.  During 2015-16, we have completed a review of dementia as part of our Community Investment Strategy, and during 2016-18, we will implement the recommendations.