Business plan viability for Rooftop Support and Care

Implement organisational changes to deliver the Rooftop Support and Care revised 2014-2019 five year business plan, together with ambition to grow the volume of services by 10% by 2019

Strategic context

The loss of Supporting People income and its potential impact on support services, in particular our Rooftop Support and Care operation, has resulted in a new commercial approach. The Support and Care Working Party considered our future strategy and produced recommendations for the evolution of the services within Support and Care, which are now being implemented.

The business plan identifies the potential market for Support and Care services in the Worcestershire/Gloucestershire region as £20 million.

What we have done

The following projects reflect the activities that were carried out under the previous Support and Care Goal which has now been superseded.

 1:  Implementation of Support and Care strategy(2011-14)

This project related to the G3 Business Plan. In preparation for the development of the new Support and Care strategy, we established a working party. With our county council partners, we have achieved more efficient ways of working: we reduced our contract prices for two years running, during the 2011/2013 period, as a result of public expenditure reductions, but we maintained our services to the same number of people.

During 2013-14, G3 services in Worcestershire supported 604 older people. Our services in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire supported a total of 392 young people between the ages of 16-25. As well as our 101 units of supported accommodation we supported 186 through outreach support and drop-in sessions.

During 2013-14 we have spent time evaluating our Young People Services in Gloucester to reflect the changes in Supporting People strategic priorities and in preparation for the Supporting People review. This has included exploring Enhanced Housing Management charges.

The work from this project has been incorporated into the G3 Working Party, which is considering commercial options following the reduction in funding from Supporting People in August 2014.

2: Re-provide Tolsey House, Tewkesbury, young people accommodation based support services (2012-14) (one project development, one operational)
This project was a two year project to consider the options upon re-provision of the existing service at Tolsey House, Tewkesbury and securing revenue for the young people service in that area. The development project is now complete, and the follow-up project is to implement the migration of the operation into the new office.

What we are doing

3: Implement the recommendations of the Support and Care Working Party 2014-16

This project has managed the restructuring of Rooftop Support and Care services and exploration of further commercial opportunities,following the reduction in funding from Supporting People in August 2014.

4: Investigate the provision of domiciliary care in Cherry Orchard House and Almonry 2015-18

We will be undertaking a feasibility study to test the commerciality of providing a care service in-house for an extra care scheme.  Should this generate a positive outcome, a project will be set up to begin the roll-out of the service and to obtain CQC registration.