Goal: Assemble a rolling land bank 2015 to 2025 

"Assemble a rolling land bank"

Strategic context

Assemble a rolling land bank comprising:

    • All sites for contracted HCA schemes (approved budget)      
    • Additional sites available for immediate development to provide 150 homes (budget £2.5m from within approved 10 year business plan provision for land purchase)
    • Medium term land opportunities to deliver the 10 year business plan (including one ExtraCare village)
    • Strategic land for future years (additional budget of £5 million over 10 years from April 2015 for purchase of options and       land)

What we have done

1: Implement land banking process and procedures
This project will develop the process and procedures to implement a land banking programme to allow future development programmes to be more easily implemented.

2: Swan Lane – Evesham 2015-20

Acquisition of land adjacent to current Head Office with illustrative planning for 34 apartments in central Evesham.

What we are doing

3: Land bank assembly

This project which ensures the organisation has a sufficient supply of suitable development pipeline land available for short/medium/long term developments.

4: ExtraCare homes acquisition
This project will seek further potential sites in Worcester and Gloucester for a suitable site for a new ExtraCare village.

5: Strategic land assembly
The organisation will develop its long term, five-years plus strategic land position, to ensure suitable land supply to meet long term objectives. The key areas to be targeted are the seven core villages.

6: Almonry - Provision of Domiciliary Care 2017-19

Land banked for future plans to provide extra facilities and domiciliary care.