Goal: Deliver the HCA programme NAHP (National Affordable Housing Programme) 2015-18

"To deliver the HCA 2015-18 National Affordable Home contract."

Strategic context

The current Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) ended in March 2015. Following the Government announcements, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) have confirmed a capital budget of £1.7 billion (outside of London) to fund 165,000 homes over the period 2015-18 (a three-year period).

The fundamental basis of the AHP is the same as at present with grant being the last funding source.

What we have done

1: Rooftop Bid 2015-18 AHP
The Rooftop bid was the result of known development capacity and current commitments, links to the emerging Development Strategy, and conversations with local authority partners to ensure that we met local needs and had their full support. The bid was submitted in April 2014, and the outcomes were announced in July. The schemes below reflect the new programme.

2: The Close, Cleeve Prior (2015-18)
Rural Housing general needs.

3: Highfield Road, Lydney 2015-18
To deliver eight affordable homes in the Forest of Dean

4: Wellington Street, Gloucester (2015-18)
Delivered 10 apartments to support the needs of young people, singles and couples in close proximity to Gloucester City Centre

What we are doing

5: Brick Kiln Sreet, Evesham

A market town regeneration project to deliver 29 Affordable homes on a brownfield site.

6: Long Street, Dursley
A Market Town regeneration project to deliver 23 affordable homes for single and couples, in support of the strategic housing needs identified by Stroud District Council.

7: Sandy Avenue, Wickhamford
Combined with former local authority land and surplus land in Rooftop ownership, this project supported by both HCA and local authority funding will provide five homes to meet rural needs.

8: Tibberton Community Land Trust
A community led project to provide 10 Affordable Homes supported by Rooftop And Wychavon District Council. Land receipts combined with open market house sales will be used by the CLT to engage Rooftop as agent to rebuild its Parish Hall, a much needed facility for this sustainable village.

9: Minsterworth, Tewkesbury
A rural exception project to deliver eight affordable Homes facilitated through the use of open market housing as cross subsidy.

10: St Aldates 2015-18

A project to deliver 21 homes, including four shared ownership properties.

11: Worcester Unidentified 2015-18

A project to deliver 19 homes and replicate the landmark Lowesmoor project delivered by Rooftop during 2012/13.

12: Wychavon Rural Code Level 6, Zero Carbon Homes 2015-18
An exemplar project supported by HCA and Wychavon District Council funding to tackle fuel poverty and reduce the impact Rooftop places on the environment.

13: Wychavon Rural (Passivhaus) 2015-18
Maintaining a theme of tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions the project will explore the potential use of Passivhaus construction as a platform for future construction methods.

14: Pebworth, Chapel Road 2015-18
A community led development that combines grant funding for affordable rent, shared ownership and the surplus from open market sale as a model to deliver rural housing.

15: Paul Street, Gloucester - Phase 1 2015-18
This project will see 32 homes for affordable rent, built on the brown field site formally known as Norvilles. Paul Street lies within easy reach of Gloucester City Centre and is within an area of the city with a significant ethnic population, particularly India and Pakistan. This project also offers the opportunity through our developer partner, to construct and offer for sale eight homes, homes built to the exacting standards that we promote and an offer that will meet the needs of the local Black and Minority Ethnic Communities population.

16: Kingsdale gardens 2015-18

A development in Broadway for approximately 25 affordable homes and 25 shared ownership homes.

17: Black Dog Way 2015-18

This development in Gloucester includes a mixture of homes for over 55s (low level support), flats for young people, fully wheelchair accessible flats and 3 bedroom houses for general needs and shared ownership

18: Cherry Orchard extension 2015-2018

Cherry Orchard is an existing scheme providing housing for older people previously described as Sheltered Housing. This extension will provide 19 homes. This development is in response to the Worcestershire Older Persons ExtraCare Strategy that recognises the under supply of this type of accommodation for our older citizens.

19: Leamington Road Broadway 2015-18

A development in Broadway for approximately 16 affordable homes