Goal: Service reviews

"To carry out a three year programme of two scrutiny reviews per year to 2016 resulting in a measurable improvement in customer satisfaction (0.1% per annum)." Overall satisfaction with services in 2014-15 was 88.6%.

Strategic context

In 2008 the Audit Commission inspected our landlord services and awarded us a 3 Star excellent rating and stated that we also had excellent prospects for further improvement. This goal was introduced to help us maintain our services at this level through a systematic programme to review all customer facing services, looking at two or three functions in detail each year. 

The reviews looked at the latest best practice in the sector, identified any improvements that we needed to make and created projects to oversee and manage the introduction of those improvements. 

The reviews already completed include the following:

  • 2010-13   Implement Communications/promotions strategy         
  • 2011-12   Income management service review                                          
  • 2012-13   Implement findings of 2010 Asset Management Service Review
  • 2012-13   Access and customer care (equality and diversity)
  • 2012-13   Mini service review - resident involvement
  • 2012-13   Establish the Residence Excellence Panel
  • 2013-14   Grounds maintenance – scrutiny review
  • 2013-14   New service standards – scrutiny review
  • 2014-15   Review of Anti Social Behaviour
  • 2014-15   Continuity in resident enquiries
  • 2015-16   Welfare Reform – scrutiny review

The HCA’s regulatory framework covers Economic standards, comprising Governance and Financial Viability, Value for Money, and Rent; and Consumer standards, covering Tenant Involvement and Empowerment, Home, Tenancy, and Neighbourhood and Community. Rooftop are required to meet the standards which promote consumer regulation and service scrutiny for landlords and their residents to agree arrangements at a local level. In January 2013, the Service Review Group was replaced by the Residence Excellence Panel, which continues to put residents at the heart of everything we do and provide enhanced scrutiny of the Group.

What we have done

1: Residence Excellence Panel (REP) (2012-14)
This project set up the REP, whose role is to ‘enable residents to scrutinise and shape services through an effective evidence based tenant scrutiny system’. This ‘Scrutiny process’ replaced the Service Review Goal, and the new ‘Scrutiny’ goal was developed during 2013 and approved by the Board in October 2013.

2: Ground maintenance - scrutiny review (2013-14)
Review of the grounds maintenance service supplied by external contractors. The review resulted in the approval of a new service standard for grounds maintenance and the transfer of the contract.

3: New service standards – scrutiny review (2013-14)
Review of Rooftop current service standards and development of ‘smarter’ and more specific local targets. The review led to the development of new services for Rooftop, The Golden Standards. The standards were published to residents in April 2014. We reported on how the standards had been met through our Annual Report to residents in September 2014.

4: Anti Social Behaviour – scrutiny review (2014-15)
Review of Rooftop process and performance in dealing with ASB. The outcome of this review was a set of recommendations that have been incorporated into a new policy and procedures which have been introduced into the ASB process.

5: Customer satisfaction with continuity in resident enquiries – scrutiny review (2014-15)
Review of the way that Rooftop manages resident enquiries. The outcome of this review led to recommendations on a new customer service standard, changes in policies and procedures and improvements to systems for managing enquiries. 

6: Welfare Reform – scrutiny review (2015-16)
Review of the implications of welfare reform for residents and how Rooftop manage the process.

What we are doing

7: Cost sharing vehicle behaviour – scrutiny review (2015-16)

Review of the Cost sharing Vehicle.

8: Empty homes (Voids) – scrutiny review  (2016-17)

Review of the empty homes standard of service.

9: Service charges and communal areas – scrutiny review  (2016-17)

Review of services charges and the provision of communal areas in schemes.