What we will deliver

In 2013 we set a 10-year plan to 2023.

This guides everything that we do. In 2017-18 we will deliver the following 15 projects against our five long-term objectives:


Objective 1 - Excellent services

"We will develop, deliver and sustain excellent services to all our customer"


  • Clarify, simplify and communicate our customer service offer
  • Introduce a Digital Services Programme
  • Implement new telephone systems to help support our services

Objective 2 - Community needs

"We will create cohesive and inclusive communities by providing new homes, investing in existing homes and through work in the community"


  • Deliver our Black Dog Way regeneration scheme (Autumn 2018)
  • Deliver our Spitfire, Broadway Extra Care scheme for older people (mid 2018)
  • Assemble a rolling land bank to accommodate 130 homes


Objective 3 – Resources & Value for Money

We will make best use of our financial, property assets, ICT and human resources


  • Secure £50m of funding to enable us to deliver a further c400 new homes
  • Develop a new Pay and Reward Strategy for our people
  • Develop a Data Strategy for Rooftop Housing Group

Objective 4 - Encouraging innovation

"We will strive for continuous improvement"


  • Implement the 1st phase of the new Housing Management System
  • Deliver proposals to improve home cost and quality using offsite construction
  • Deliver an Office Strategy to drive agile and flexible working

Objective 5 – Sustainability

"We will help to tackle fuel poverty and climate change"


  • Develop a Rooftop ‘Living Homes Standard’ for new and existing homes
  • Develop a neighbourhood living environment proposal and secure funding
  • Scope implementation of ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard