Housing associations (also called Registered Providers) are governed by their ‘rules’ which define our not-for-profit objectives, shareholding membership and constitute the Board as our governing body. Board members have a wide range of skills and experience reflecting the services we provide, our customers and the size and financial complexity and strength of the business.

The Board’s role is to provide strategic direction, make sure that we are accountable and to support and advise.

Each association has a Board but the members combine their functions through a single governance meeting that is held six times during the year. In addition, the board members attend regular seminars, business planning and formal events. The Boards are committed to high standards of corporate governance and have adopted the National Housing Federation’s ‘Excellence in governance’ code and good practice guidance.

Rooftop Housing Group Limited (Rooftop)

The Group parent is a non-asset holding, non-charitable registered society with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (29661R). It is also a Registered Provider of social housing by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) (L4404). It does not own any homes but provides all operational and corporate services, including treasury management, information technology, and employs all human resources for the whole Group. It was formed on 13 November 2003. The shareholders of RHG comprise Rooftop Housing Association Limited, Rooftop Homes Limited, and the members of the parent board.

Rooftop Housing Association (RHA)

Until 2014, RHA was known as Evesham and Pershore Housing Association (EPHA). RHA is a Registered Society with the FCA (27786R) and is also a Registered Provider of social housing with the HCA (LH4050). RHA was initially established as an asset holding, non-charitable body in 1994 to take a transfer of 4,020 homes from Wychavon District Council in Worcestershire. RHA converted to charitable status in 2003 and provides the majority of affordable housing held by the group meeting charitable criteria. Shareholders include RHG, current and former board members together with a limited number of residents.

Rooftop Homes Limited (RHL)

RHL was formed as a Housing Association on 13 November 2003. It is an asset holding non-charitable Registered Society with the FCA (29660R) and is also a Registered Provider of social housing with the HCA (LH4405). EPHA transferred its non-charitable social housing, intermediate market rent homes and commercial assets to RHL in 2003. RHL mainly provides housing for NHS keyworkers together with the majority of residential garages and garage courts within the Group and one shop. As a Registered Provider its main purpose is to provide affordable housing and any commercial activities are undertaken with the intention of generating revenue surpluses and capital growth that can be ploughed back into affordable housing activities. The shareholders of RHL are its board members and RHG.