Mutual exchange

Mutual exchange is an alternative for residents who don't have a high enough priority or banding to be able to access a home through the normal allocation process.

What is a mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is where two or more Council or Housing Association tenants wish to swap their homes.


This is an alternative for residents who don't have a high enough priority or banding to be able to access a home through the normal allocation process.

You can swap homes with any council tenant or Housing Association tenant in the UK providing you and they have the right to mutual exchange and both parties wish to swap.

Am I eligible?

You can only swap your home if:

  • you aren’t in debt with your rent

  • the other person’s landlord is happy for the exchange to happen.

  • you aren’t moving to a property where you will be overcrowded or have more space than you need.

  • you get our permission in writing and there is no ongoing legal action relating to your tenancy

There may be other conditions, depending on your type of tenancy. If you are unsure whether you are eligible please contact us to see if you are able to exchange.

The person you swap with must meet one of the following requirements.

  • They are an Rooftop customer

  • they are a customer of another registered social landlord (usually a housing association)

  • they are living in a council-owned and managed home.

How do I  find someone to swap with

You will have to find another person  to swap with, but don't worry there are many ways that you can do this including home swapping groups on Facebook, advertising in local newspapers or in your local shops or contacting your local council or we operate a mutual exchange scheme through HomeSwapper, a UK-wide service allowing you to swap your home with other housing association tenants and council tenants.

If you are a Rooftop tenant, you can use the HomeSwapper service for free.

You can download the HomeSwapper form from us and once you have registered your home with HomeSwapper they will search for a potential match for you and contact you when a possible home is found.

What happens when I find someone to swap with?

Once you have found a someone to swap with you will need to contact us by speaking to your Neighbourhood Officer and filling in a copy of the Rooftop Application for Mutual Exchange.

Your Neighbourhood Officer will make an assessment on whether you will be permitted to make a mutual exchange.


You will only be prevented from making an exchange if you, or the person that you are swapping with is in arrears or if the property condition when inspected is not up to an appropriate standard. 

Once you have made the application to exchange you will have a maximum of 42 days to make the exchange.

Contact us

For more information on mutual exchange please contact your Neighbourhood Officer.


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