"We are working hard to ensure that we are still providing essential services to all of our customers."



Do you need to contact your Neighbourhood Officer?

Even if you're not sure who your Neighbourhood Officer is, call us on 01386 420800  

and our team will put you through.

Your rent account

Your rent is still a priority and we understand that some of our customers are self-employed or will be struggling due to work closures.


We will be taking everyone’s individual circumstances into account and if you have any concerns about your rent account YOU MUST contact the Income Team or our Money Advisors.


They will be able to provide you with the correct current information and can provide help and support with getting the right benefit entitlements.

Rent statements - miniature house on pound coins

COVID-19 and claiming benefits

The Department for Work and Pensions are making arrangements to support those who are affected by COVID-19.


They have a dedicated webpage for all their updates. This page provides information about COVID-19 and claiming benefits. It will continue to be updated.


Routine Repairs are Restarting

We are pleased to announce that from 08.30 on Monday 29 June you can report your routine repairs to Rooftop and on Wednesday, July 1 the first repairs will be taking place.


Thank you, to all our customers and residents, for being so patient with us at this difficult time.

Through the pandemic, we have been attending to emergency repairs and safety checks and this is the next step to getting Rooftop services back to normal.

Emergency and urgent repairs will still take priority, all routine repairs will be added to the backlog and we will attend as soon as possible.

If you booked a repair by email or before the COVID19 shutdown, we will contact you to make sure that the repair is still needed and to see if there’s been any change since you were in touch. The appointment will then be made.

Safety is paramount, so please read these details on how we will work together to keep you and our workers safe.

Repairs times.jpg

We want to get your repair done as quickly as possible, but national and international supply chains have been badly disrupted, which means there may be a long wait for materials in some cases.


If you were told there would be follow-on repairs from our Electrical Safety Checks, you will be contacted, and we will book a repair appointment.
Our repairs lines will be very busy for the first few days, and we are committed to answering as many calls as we possibly can.


Again, thank you for your patience and your kindness during this international crisis.

We have been really busy during this period and you can read how we have been doing repairs through COVID-19 Pandemic.

Allocations and Mutual Exchange


Customers in Wychavon will be aware that the Choice Based Lettings system is in operation once more and any empty properties will now be available for bidding in the usual way.  We now aim to carry out on-site viewings and lettings whilst at all times following Government guidelines around safety and social distancing.  To enable us to do this in the safest way for you and our staff, we will ask you a number of questions before arranging to meet.  We will ask you about your state of health and level of vulnerability, for example, if you are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group.  We will adapt our approach depending on your individual circumstances.


There will be a similar process for mutual exchanges and you will also be asked to confirm your own safety preparations for inviting another customer to view your home.  If you are requesting an exchange with a tenant of another landlord, you and Rooftop will need to adhere to their processes and we cannot give advice or permission n behalf of another landlord


If you have recently submitted a mutual exchange application or have any queries about moving, please speak to your Neighbourhood Team on 01386 420800

Health and Wellbeing

In line with governmental guidelines, we have cancelled all activities and events. This includes all of our Health and Wellbeing activities in our schemes. 

We will be looking at running any events which have been cancelled at a later date when it is safe to do so.

Please keep watching out on the Health and Wellbeing page for more information about our events.

Health and Wellbeing Newsletter Aug 2020

Keeping Healthy

You might be worried about Corvid-19 and how it is impacting on your life. We are all being asked to stay at home apart from essential trips to buy food or medicine and one period of outdoor exercise a day. Some of us are being told to not go out at all if we are in an at-risk group, and we are all being asked to social distance. This might feel difficult or stressful, but there are lots of things that you can try that could help your health and wellbeing. 


We have been working hard to get some information together on how best to look after your health and wellbeing during this time.

This edition of the Health and Wellbeing newsletter has lots of great ideas for people of all ages, have a look and stay healthy!

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The health and safety of our colleagues and customers is our main priority during Covid-19

We have carried out risk assessments to make sure that our colleagues, customers and partners are safe. These are the current assessments.


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