About Rooftop Housing Group

Our founding association, Rooftop Housing Association (formally Evesham and Pershore Housing Association, EPHA), was formed in May 1993 to accept a transfer of 4,020 homes from Wychavon District Council in South Worcestershire that took place in October 1994. Initially, our work was mainly in South Worcestershire but over the years we have expanded our operational area to include Gloucestershire and also work more widely providing staff accommodation for Hospital Trusts.

In 2003, Rooftop Housing Association sponsored the formation of the Rooftop Housing Group. Our stock of homes has grown by 50% and all meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standard or above.

We now have approximately 7000 homes. We enjoy high levels of satisfaction from our residents and key stakeholders value our success at finding solutions for complex housing issues.

Principal activities

The principal activity of Rooftop is to provide rented housing accommodation, let upon ‘assured tenancies’ for people in housing need. The majority is family accommodation, but a significant proportion is sheltered or extra care housing, supported housing meeting special needs and accommodation for Key Workers. Rents are set under government guidelines but are either ‘social rent’ which is roughly 65% of local market rent levels or ‘affordable rent’, which is 80% of market rent levels.

Rooftop also provides:
• homes for sale through shared ownership or outright sale where these meet local needs.
• homes at market rent levels on assured short-hold tenancies.
• support services primarily to young and older people, which include a number of partnerships with other providers.

Rooftop has an underlying commitment to tackling social and financial exclusion and building sustainable communities. In addition to our own services we work though many partnerships with local authorities, police and voluntary groups.


The organisation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people and the communities in which they live. This mission will be achieved by providing excellent housing and related services, improving existing homes and working with a range of partners to benefit their communities. 

Last year, Rooftop reviewed their values in collaboration with staff and board members. The new values are: We work together, we make things better, we do the right thing. 

Group Chief Executive Boris Worrall values open communication, and exploits social media to keep members of the Rooftop team up to date on recent developments. Boris likes to engage with staff, and has joined the organisation’s walking football group, the Walking Wednesday group, and attended yoga sessions with staff.